My Hebrew Dates

Add Hebrew calendar events to your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar with the click of a button!

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Create Personalized Calendars

Create custom Hebrew event calendars for your family, including birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Corresponding English Events

Automatically generate English event labels that correspond to your Hebrew dates for easy understanding.

Share with Family Members

Share your personalized calendar with family members by providing them with a unique URL to subscribe to.

What Our Users Say

"My Hebrew Dates has made it so much easier for our family to remember and celebrate important Hebrew events. Highly recommended!"

Ezra Cohen

"I love using My Hebrew Dates to keep track of all our family birthdays and other special dates. It's a fantastic tool!"

Leah Rosenberg

"My Hebrew Dates has brought our family closer together by helping us stay connected through our shared calendar. Thank you!"

Benjamin Steinberg

How It Works

Create Your Calendar

Sign up and create a personalized Hebrew event calendar for your family. Add events to the list and set the Hebrew date.

Share the URL

With the click of a button, generate a unique URL to share your calendar with your family members.

Stay Connected

Your family members can subscribe to the calendar and receive updates for the Hebrew events that will automatically appear in their calendar feed.